We put a great emphasis on building and supporting our brands including BWD, Four Seasons,  Intermotor, and TechSmart, just to name a few. Our goal is to help our customers by maximizing brand reach, identification, and awareness through both traditional and non-traditional platforms. Our strategic communications campaigns include national print and digital advertising, an extensive press release program, and a strong presence in the social space.

“We put great emphasis on building and supporting our brands.”

Green at Our Core

Green at Our Core

Four Seasons Remanufactured Compressors 

We are pleased to announce the “Green at our Core” program as part of our green initiative. As a basic manufacturer, Four Seasons remanufactured compressors circumvent the stigma surrounding the word “remanufactured”. Through extensive engineering, validation and testing processes, our units are remanufactured using 75% recycled material by weight to the highest quality standards. You can purchase with confidence knowing we have provided you a quality unit that is just as good as or better than the original. That is why, we are offering a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty on all Four Seasons remanufactured compressors.

Save The Sale and The Environment

Four Seasons® remanufactured compressor provide you and your customers an affordable quality alternative that also helps reduce our carbon footprint. With so many of the internal components being reused, there is less waste going into our landfills. You can also rest assured that each internal component is physically inspected by human hands and not machine, to provide that up close and personal touch. 

"Designed to stand out from the crowd."

The Intermotor® brand is known for engineering, manufacturing, and distributing a full line of genuine import parts – parts that areunrivalled for quality, original look, fit, form and function. With manufacturing locations around the world, we are truly a global leader in import parts. We achieve excellence by focusing on the extra details that elevate our products above the rest and ensure complete satisfaction for technicians and motorists alike.

Our new program focuses on one Intermotor® part from each of 5 key categories, highlighting the design features that take it from good to great. Because when it comes to quality import parts, the details make all the difference.